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Show-Me Rally 2014


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Perryville 2013

Perryville Rally 2013 – Huebbe vs. Conte

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Ojibwe Forests 2013

Parc Expose

Parc Expose

Waiting at the start line of stage 1

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Magnum Opus 2013

A turn at the Magnum Opus rally

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STPR 2013

Fast at STPR

Mark being interviewed

Second and third place

We had a few issues with the car that cost us the win. The clutch was slipping and not putting down all of the power.

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Perryville Rally 2012 Event Recap

The 2012 Perryville Farm and Forest Rally was a huge success for Mark and I.  This rally could not have gone any better, other than had we won it overall… but we were close.

The rally started in Perryville Missouri, about 1hr 30min south of St. Louis.  The weather was clear & sunny but chili and windy during the day, starting out near freezing but warming up to the low 50’s in the afternoon. The rally kicked off with a great Parc Expose’ in downtown Perryville that takes place in conjunction with the city’s Chili Cook-off.  After tasting some chili and answering questions from the public we were off to start the first stage.

Our goals for this rally was to drive as fast as possible, try and win overall, and try to set good stage times the first go-through.  In the past our stage times started off slow, but we wanted to correct that, especially since this rally is short and there are not many miles to make up lost time to our competitors.

Stages 1 & 2 are repeat stages run back to back.  Mark and I finish this stage in great time, 2nd overall and 1st in class. Our only problem came near the finish of stage 2 when we go wide at a left hand turn and almost hit some fence posts.





Stages 3 & 4 are again repeat stages that are run back to back. This stage is the shortest of the rally and has a great spectator point at a tight left hand turn uphill.

Stages 5 & 7 are the longest of the rally at 6.69 miles.  We again finish great, taking 1st place in our class and 2nd place overall. This stage features many high speed sections, a few low water bridges near a farm complex, and many great linked turns along a ridge line.

Stage 6 & 8 have many technical sections where turns tighten or are off camber. This stage also has the afternoon spectator point at a great 90 right T-junction.

Mark and I finished both rallies in first place for Group 2 and second place overall.  A great achievement!

There were many great videos from the spectator points. Enjoy!

Stages 4, 6, & 8:

Stage 4:

Stage 8:

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