Getting ready for Nemadji Trail rally

Mark and I are gathering our gear up for this weekend’s Nemadji Trail rally.  It is a single day event made up of 2 small rallies, about 40 miles of total special stages. Weather looks sketchy so far but hopefully the rain holds off (I hate cleaning the stuff off of the underside of the car).

So far we haven’t been rushed at all. This is kinda odd since all the rallies to date that we’ve gone to have been hectic leading up to them.

The car seems to be in tip top shape. The transmission went back in with no major troubles and the engine sounds great. The only minor set backs were with the first few miles back on the road.  The transmission was shifting rough and sometimes wouldn’t downshift very easy. After driving a while Mark said it was getting better and finally started to loosen up.  The other minor problem was with the rear wheel hub on the driver’s side.  During our 00 duties at 100 Acre Wood the wheel nut loosened some.  We didn’t think anything was wrong at the time and later found out that the hub was trashed in the process. Some of the splines were chewed off and the metal was pounded up in the center.  Mark bought a new hub and we were quickly up and running.

Our goals for this weekend’s rally is to have fun, keep the car on the road, and gain seat time in the car.  If we end up towards the top of the results at the end that will only be an extra, but not what we are striving for.  That will come with experience, after the car is de-bugged, and both Mark and I want to push harder (taking more risk).

I’ll hopefully be updating the website again from my phone, taking photos and sending in short updates. These should automatically get linked to my Twitter and Facebook accounts as well.  Stay tuned.

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