More work on the Bug – Rally West Virginia prep

Don’t worry, even though I haven’t posted news in a while we’re still working on the Bug.   It’s just nothing glamorous.   I finished up welding some steel plate and support tubes to the rear of the car, just above the bumper brackets.   This will hopefully help support the bumper and skid plate.   I also welded up some steel square tube to create bumper inserts front and rear.   The stock chrome bumpers are more like tin foil and these bumper inserts should help protect the car just in case we happen to go off road and knock down some small saplings.

With help from my father we should have the engine out of the car this week to re-torque the heads and check things over.   At the last rallycross we noticed a rubbing sound coming from the fan shroud.   I think the shroud is a bit warped and slightly touching the cooling fan.   Some small technical taps to the shroud will hopefully bend it back into place.

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